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Creating a Unique Legacy of Pets that have Passed

Endlessly devoted to us and unwavering in their affection, no wonder we find losing a pet difficult to process! But what better way to commemorate the passing of this constant companion than for it to be immortalised in inedible, hardwearing clay! Rest in Peace is my latest concept where a caricature of your pet is captured in the form of a fine, delicately crafted figurine. The process begins when a customer selects a photo of their pet that they would like me to replicate. They may be clutching their beloved toy, engrossed in their favourite activity, or it could even be just a ‘head shot’. After studying it closely and carefully considering the customer’s individual requirements, I begin to bring a shapeless, non descript block of clay to life, being sure to capture each endearing feature. In addition, if your Dachshund was a distinguished gent’ or your Corgi as regal as the Queen, each figure can also include a crown or top hat to further showcase their distinct personality. Of course our animals are irreplaceable, after all they form part of the fabric of our lives! However it is rewarding to know that creating such life-like mementos can bring much comfort and help many of us gradually come to terms with our loss.

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