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Hello I’m Tanya, designer and creator of Tanya’s Cake Toppers


 Gone are the days when wedding cakes were crowned with just a basic figure of the bride and groom! Today’s couples are opting for ever more unique twists on this tradition, with hobbies, professions and even pets being represented in their cake topper. From a groom in his paramedic uniform to perhaps the ultimate image of marital bliss: a bride having to tear her husband away from his beloved computer game?!

To achieve as true a likeness as possible, I recommend that you send a recent photo of yourselves and your wedding attire, along with any additional details you would like to me to include. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more personal service, I can offer a one-to-one consultation either face to face or over the phone. While some clients have an exact idea in mind, others may have only got as far as the theme of their wedding, allowing me to create a design of my own. I suggest they bring with them a source of inspiration such as a piece of lace from the wedding dress or a ribbon in their chosen colour scheme. 

To prevent your wedding topper from coming a cropper, each one is meticulously modelled in polymer clay and embellished with non-toxic paint; and can be cherished as a souvenir of your special day. For extra stability it is mounted on a food safe polymer plaque. Depending on the intricacy of each design, the process can take several hours but the couple’s reaction makes it all worthwhile!

Of course, I love making decorations for all occasions, whether it’s a for a birthday, baby shower or even a wake.  Adding that final flourish to a celebration cake takes some topping!

All of  Tanya's Cake Toppers creations, are designed and created by me with love.






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