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Preserving memories of your Wedding cake  In Clay

Staggering tiers of white, iced fruit cake brimming with intricate floral decoration, the wedding cake is the centrepiece of the reception. Some are so spectacular, so technically challenging that it seems a shame to have to cut into them! But there comes a time where it must be ceremonially sliced by the newly-weds and distributed to their guests who are hungry for a ‘piece of the action’! However don’t be too disheartened as now you can cherish your cake forever with Save the Cake, or at least a miniature version of it! Here I hand sculpt an exact, inedible replica of your wedding cake as a memento of that special day. At just 6.5 cm these pint-sized pretties may be a fraction of the size but with an astonishing level of detail, they certainly measure up to the original! Accurately recreating each detail in perfect miniature is a delicate process, one that requires a steady hand and endless patience! It all begins when a customer sends me a photo of the cake they wish for me to replicate. After studying it closely, I gradually begin forming it out of polymer clay. Once cured, it is then carefully painted to accentuate the finer details.So who says you can’t even have your wedding cake and eat it too?!

Save The Cake

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