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Incredible In-edibles

Incredible inedibles


Tanya Martin’s cake decorations take some topping! Her 3D bespoke toppers for example are one of a kind! They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, and are recreated from a photo provided by the client. Crafted from polymer clay by hand, each individual detail is sculpted to perfection, demonstrating her unlimited patience and artistic skill. However, as well as working on commission, she has also launched her own range of ready-made, animal themed toppers in some fun, striking designs. These include a cow, a Christmas themed Collie dog and a rare species of unicorn with dazzling golden hooves?! Not to mention her best-selling topper, a cute little black and white cat. Closely modelled on her own mischievous moggie, she stood approximately 6 cms tall. Astonishingly, Tanya had even managed to create a fur effect on her Father Christmas hat, and to mimic her fine whiskers which she carefully etched into the clay. In addition, a thorough grooming with some non-toxic paint has brought this festive feline to life! To give each topper some extra stability, they can be mounted onto a polymer clay plaque. Featuring little patches of grass, puddles of mud, or why not add a hint of glamour with a glittery design? With this level of craft, it’s no wonder that Tanya has amassed a steady stream of clients who are equally in awe of her work! All of her creations will be available to order on her forthcoming website.     Journalist Alice Glover 7/7/21.


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